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The general concept of my work is studying femininity through media iconography and stereotypes. Originally the girl paintings were about bringing two polar, yet equally unrealistic female roles together: the fantasy sex goddess (Sports Illustrated swimsuit model) and the domestic (environment and props). My work has branched from the original “girl series” to show more of the dualities I see in social scrutiny of the female gender. Women are objectified. They are sexy, but if they are too sexy they might be called tramps and/or shunned. If they are not sexy enough they can be called prude or drab or just unappealing and ostracized. When a woman identifies with her sexuality there is a fine line between embracing it and hiding it even though the surrounding environment says sex sells.

Most important, who are women behind the desirable exterior? In the written series I explore the imperfection, neediness, disappointed, and mess interior that might lie behind the beautiful package. I use several art making styles with irony, sensuality, sincerity and humor to illustrate the complex sensation of self-identity in an uber airbrushed age.

Ultimately, as a female artist, it is about me analyzing and regurgitating the visual cues in my life from little girl to now. How have the bikini clad sex icons, divas, models in catalogs, and the real bodies of my friends and family shaped who I am as a woman and how I feel about myself? How do these questions relate to all women AND men? My goal is to create images that celebrate the beauty of the fairer sex while also creating a safe place for the limitless dialog surrounding this subject.